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Yao, Mystic François, Fleur Shilling-Hysaé Azalee.

mercredi 30 novembre 2011

What do u want for Christmas?

Bracelet & ring: A Birdsong - Webed silver bracelet and ring by Shay Reyer
Skin and tattoo face: [MutE] - One Natural Christmas GROUP GIFT by Syndel Daviau
Eyes: [MutE] - Mescla Blue eyes by Syndel Daviau
Hair: Secrets Hair - Dalia Black by Syndel Daviau
Shoes: ALICE PROJECT - Faelin pumps with HUD for change color by Alice Demonia
Shape: Sophistishapes - faith by Sophia Rossen
Dress: (hat included) Static Clothing Co. - Santa Baby red by Branwen Firanelli
Poses: PURPLE POSES - 154, 157, 158 by Audrey Guter

mardi 29 novembre 2011

Wake up...

Hair: Likeli - Black Curly'Fro 2 by Sandrp Fratica
Dress: Acid & Mala - Halter dress Flowers by Mala Oh
Skin: Al Vulo - FREE GROUP GIFT frida passion tan by Hlin Bluebird
Necklace & earings: Addiction Jewelry - Chraming life rose quartz set by atiya masala
Pose: PURPLE POSES - magda 409 by Audrey Guter

lundi 28 novembre 2011

Good morning sweety

Complete outfit (top, skirt and socks) : TOXIC BISH - hot party outfit by ToxicBishMode
Skin: MOJO -FREE GROUP GIFT sweety cloud by Ethan74 Rumpler

dimanche 27 novembre 2011


Skin: (red)Mint - Fairy skin No.09 (4) frost by Moni Schulze
Hair: [Likeli] - Black Curly'Fro 2 by Sandro Fratica
Lashes: FINESMITH - Lashes 02 by Yula Finesmith
Nails: Moondance - round short lacey holiday by Kathrin Dassin
Dress + neklace and earings: Paris Metro Couture - Cashmere Skating Outfit by rfb Morpork
Shape: SOPHISTISHAPES - Faith by Sophia Rossen
Boots: Tokyo Girl - winter uggies black by Circe Ishtari
Pose: Purple Poses - Lysie 341 by Audrey Guter

samedi 26 novembre 2011

Some carrots?

Skin: JeSyLiLO - Bunny paleskin J1BT (Matte) + taatoFace Bunny by Lilo Glom
Hair: [Likeli] - hair by Inaya black curly'Fro 1 by Sandro Fratica
Shirt + skirt: [AMERICAN BAZAAR] - Kawaii Hunt Gift by Missqwerty Pevensey
Nails: Moondance - round short lacey holiday by Kathrin Dassin

vendredi 25 novembre 2011


Skin: JeSyLiLo - Bunny pale skin J1 + face taatoFace bunny by Lilo Glom
Hair: ALICE PROJECT - Amiya naturals lite by Alice Demonia
Pants, belt and top: Thalia's fashion  - Ruched top & denim jeans by Thalia Tal
Boots: Tokyo Girl - winter uggies black by Circe Ishtari
Pose: PURPLE POSES - pose 420 bty Audrey Guter

jeudi 24 novembre 2011


Complete Outfit (scarf,shirt, jacket & jeans) : Egoisme - Autumn Dandy  Cadet by Lexi Vargon
Skin: Egoisme - EVIAN Takuya Dark happy trail by Alon Alphaville
Hair: ZEUS - Y-71 Scolor Brown by Fuv Sohl  

mercredi 23 novembre 2011

Rock Star

Skin: Skintimate - Nicole Special Edition (cleavage) by Alexxandra Sorbet
Shape: Anna Shapes - olivia small by Analy Amat
Complete Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Rockstar red by Cameron Vasiliov
Pose: Apple Spice - Attitude 007 by AppleSpiceStore

mardi 22 novembre 2011


Hair: (red)Mint - No.04 golden brown by Moni Schulze
Skin: (red)Mint - No.03 sunskin by Moni Schulze
Shirt: ROOTS - 00T10038 by Naida Stipe

lundi 21 novembre 2011


Hair: Secrets Hair - Veruska II black by Syndel Daviau
Lingerie: Blue Blood - PinUp style lingerie dolce pink/teal by Ghanima Uriza
Skin: Faces Studio - Lilian rose purple by Omar Porchers
Tattoo: V3 Tattoo - Outlaw AGED 2 by Khurt Vhargon

dimanche 20 novembre 2011


make up: (red)Mint - PRIME No.02 by Moni Schulze
Skin: (red)Mint - No.06 (3) PRIME bronze skin 50% OFF by Moni Schulze
Hair: (red)Mint - No.05 dark brown by Moni Schulze
Bracelet: FINESMITH - Moroccan Bracelet silver by Moni Schulze
Dress: Trendstyle - Doll Endless Love Black by Emeliy Auer
Poses: PURPLE POSES - Magda 403 by Audrey Guter

vendredi 18 novembre 2011


Eyes: Amacci - grey brown eyes FREE by Carina Larsen
Skin: Egoisme - Evian Takuya Medium bald - by Alon Alphaville
Sneakers: Koko - All Star sneakers white GROUP GIFT by Akira666 Rieko
Shirt: Urban Republic Co. - DbE shirt blue by Go Rae

jeudi 17 novembre 2011


Pants: Toxic Bish - BITCH Jeans pink MIDNIGHT MANIA by ToxicBish Mode
Top : Toxic Bish - Strap top white MIDNIGHT MANIA by ToxicBish Mode
Eyes make up: Toxic Bish - demon cat eyelashes by ToxicBish Mode
Hair: Toxic Bish - Virgin Bish Hair Black by ToxicBish Mode

mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Mon Opium...

On Fleur:
Skin: (red)Mint - No.01 Pale +Manicure 50% OFF - by Moni Schulze
Tongue: (red)Mint - wound staples (1) - by Moni Schulze
Hair: (red)Mint - No.11 (F) brown Amber 50% OFF - by Moni Schulze
Bracelets: FINESMITH - maroccan bracelet silver - by Yula Finesmith

On Mister X (:o) :
Skin: (red)Mint - No.07 (M) (1)EMO 50% OFF - by Moni Schulze
Hair: (red)Mint -No.02 dark brown 50% OFF -by Moni Schulze

Pose: PURPLE POSES - poseball133 - by Audrey Guter

mardi 15 novembre 2011

Virgin Bish

Shirt: Toxic Bish - Top emo white by ToxicBish Mode
Short: Toxic Bish - Lace short white MIDNIGHT MANIA by ToxicBish Mode
Hair: Toxic Bish - Virgin Bish dirty blonde by ToxicBish Mode

lundi 14 novembre 2011

dimanche 13 novembre 2011

I want to buy you Flowers...

Skin: (red)Mint - No.06 (3)PRIME bronzeskin 50% OFF - By Moni Schulze
Hair: (red)Mint - COOLBLONDS No.07(F) Champagne 50% OFF - By Moni Schulze
Piercing: [Acide] - Cardinal violet - By Acide Innovia
Boots: KoketKa - Frenzy Boots grey - By Slava Parkin
Dress: Koketka - Lena dress blue - By Slava Parkin
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Magda 403 - By Audrey Guter

   Post By Fleur Shilling 

samedi 12 novembre 2011


Skin: (red)Mint - No.08 (4) war tanskin 50% OFF - By Moni Schulze
Bangles: (red)Mint - Gold bangles - By Moni Schulze
Hair: (red)Mint - Hair No.14(F) flame 30% OFF - By Moni Schulze
Dress: (red)Mint - Leather dress No.04 - By Moni Schulze
Piercing: [Acide] - The prayer - By Acide Innovia
Lashes: FINESMITH - Lashes 01 - By Yula Finesmith
Nails: Moondance - Round extra long Fall leaves - by Kathrin Dassin
Boots: Tokyo Girl - winter uggies black - By Circe Ishtari
Poses: Purple Poses - Magda 408/409/410 - By Audrey Guter